The Art of Virginia Hutzuliak
Canadian Contemporary Art

The Art of Virginia Hutzuliak


Welcome to my official site.

"Art is the oldest language in the world."   May you enjoy viewing my ever-evolving work. Check back often as new paintings will be added as they are completed.

I am fascinated by dimensions beyond the visual experience that we may "sense" as well as  "see", and that are an intergral part of our world and our experiences.  My ongoing focus and direction in my art is to move from the very literal to a more expansive interpretation of the " Whole " of Life . 


You will see on this site: Realistic, Semi-Abstract, Abstract, and Intuitive paintings, but underlying all, I hope to express, through paint, what I "see" and what I feel when I am consciously aware of what Nature has to tell us about itself and about Life.


" I am painting on my own vision now, thinking of no one else's approach- trying to express my own  reactions."  - Emily Carr