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Hi everyone- Just a note in regards to the "Guestbook" section on my website. Many people email me directly with their comments and I ask permission to put their words in my website guestbook. I do not alter their message other than to correct typos....( sometimes to clarify a section I'll put my own words in brackets.) I ask permission to use their name and/or home city as well. Thank you all who have taken the time to connect with me. It is very encouraging and makes my day when I hear from you ! Thank you.
Virginia Hutzuliak -artist at - 28 Mar 2018
Hi Virginia! We are so lucky to ;have the opportunity seeing your paintings at the Sketch Club this Sunday. My wife and I made the decision to bring them ( 2 of your paintings) back home immediately with no hesitation. We are so happy to see them every day. Thank you for these amazing works. We hope we can have the opportunity to visit you someday........
Sarah & Bob - Vancouver - 28 Mar 2018
We were at the show. We both thought Virginia's work was delightful- so exuberant and playful. I voted for the ""Friends on Bicycles" picture.
Georgie - 28 Mar 2018
A friend and I finally made otto the show yesterday and as usual it was a very impressive display of talent. I was surprised by your pieces as they are a departure form the nature themes you usually paint: friends playing Mah Jong, riding bicycles, doing yoga, and a portrait done with angular lines and bright colours. Your style really embraced the fun that friends ware having doing their various activities. The paintings themselves are fun and entertaining. Good for you that you've captured the joy.........
Starla - 28 Mar 2018
I first saw your work at the VSC exhibit a few days ago and I was quite taken by your "Friends" series. I was fortunate to meet you in person and see where that whimsical spirit comes from. Thank you for that experience,
John Ness - 26 Mar 2018
I enjoyed the VSC Exhibit this year. We voted for " Dawn's Early Light". I love the textured, rocky surface of the hills- a beautiful painting ! It looks very much like Little Mount Doug. Most of th hills in the lower Island have that look, and you captured the essence very well. Your paintings continue to develop and are most impressive. Congratulations !
Starla - 30 Mar 2016
Sure beautiful wonderful work you create, Virginia (Ginny).
Jacquie Huculak - 14 Nov 2015
It was a pleasure to meet you today, thank you for the lovely experience of seeing the world through your spirit. Beautiful.
Madelyn - 11 Jul 2014
What a beautiful display. You are truly gifted.
Noella Bradbury - 19 Jan 2014
Hello Virginia, my congrats for your site; well presented. Hope all successful stories come to your way.
A wonderful website, Virginia! You have stunning paintings to show . . . I'll get the word out where I can.
Starla - 25 Jul 2013
Very enjoyable viewing. Good job with the site.
Francine Halle - 21 Jun 2013
Virginia I am happy to see you have this up and running! I will pass it on to my 'arty' friends.
Heather - 21 Jun 2013
Wonderful work, love your art site
Helen - 21 Jun 2013
Very nice site. Great job for an ol'girl ...:)
Marc and Phoebe - 21 Jun 2013
bravo! what a great accomplishment and display of such a wealth of work.. You have joined that world of WWW with your website. Congratulations....
echo - 20 Jun 2013
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